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klassische irisch/englische Limericks
Der älteste überlieferte Limerick
stammt von Edward Lear
aus seinem "Book of Nonsense" (1846):
There was a young lady of Riga,
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside
And a smile on the face of the tiger.
Der Bahnbeamte aus Crewe
mit seiner letzten Amtshandlung:
A railway official at Crewe
Met an engine one day that he knew.
Though he smiled and he bowed,
That engine was proud,
It cut him - it cut him in 2.
Der cholerische Oberst
und der Kaplan, der dessen Flüche
in sein Tagebuch schrieb:
There once was a choleric colonel,
Whose oaths werde obscence and infolonel,
And the chaplain, aghast,
Gave up protest at last,
But wrote them all down in his jolonel.
Was Militärs nach dem Urteil
der Dame von Welt
nicht rationieren können:
A wartime young lady of fashion,
Much noted for wit and for passion,
Is said to have said,
As she jumped into bed,
"Here's one thing those bastards can't ration".